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Falling in love with OROSHI


Booklet "Yearly events in Oroshi region"
(8 pages, B5 size)


Booklet "Yearly events in Oroshi region"
(16 pages, B5 size)

OROSHI, a mountainous and rural region, consisted of 7 small districts which are Sakamoto,Uwano, Kawase, Kurisu, Katakawa, Nishihara and Nakadachi. Gently sloping rice terraces, which lay along the Oroshi-river that discharges into the Kumano-sea, remain traditional landscape and rural scene. There, various kinds of oranges (Mikan) and vegetables are cultivated as well as rice.
Yokogaki-toge-pass and Fuden-toge-pass in Oroshi region are part of the world cultural heritage "Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range", routes are so called "Kumano Kodo". Iseji route, a route of Kumano Kodo, approaches to the three Kumano grand shrines(Hongu, Hayatama, and Nachi) from Ise Jingu shrine, and branches off to the mountain side from the coast line to lead to Hongu grand shrine via Yokogaki-toge-pass and Fuden-toge-pass (the branch called Hongu-Kaido route).
In early mornings from Autumn through Spring, Fuden-toge-pass is often shrouded in a thick fog and it flows over down to the foot of the pass. This fabulous scene is called "Fuden Oroshi", and is famous all over the country in Japan. Some say that the region's name "Oroshi" was named after this "Fuden Oroshi".

Mochi (rice cake) throwing

Mochi (rice cake) throwing
Mochi throwing at Katakawa Shrine's spring festival on 15th of January.


Bon dance
Bon dance as a memorial service for the dead let people
feel the preciousness of home town.

"Kishu Ken Dog" town, Sakamoto

"Kishu Ken Dog" town, Sakamoto
It is regarded as the birthplace of descended-from-wolf
"Kishu Ken Dog".

Rice planting by Oroshi school

Rice planting by Oroshi school
The region grow rice with their children.

Grown rice right before harvest and "Fuden Oroshi"

Grown rice right before harvest and "Fuden Oroshi"
Pure water and wind of the region make rice more delicious.


World Heritage Site Kumano Kodo "Fuden-toge pass"
Ancient stone-paved passages are listed as a World Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO.


Uwano,Kawase,Kurusu Area Map
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Seiryu-so-Oroshi-Kumano / Atawa-Oroshi by Bus 

Shingu-Atawa-Kumano City by Bus 

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